ask-kyoshisuki//I’m better

"Suki, I’m fine… I just have a stuffy nose." Sokka said a tad bit nasally but unwilling to not give in. Sokka had been sick for a week or so, therefore he was on a sort of house arrest. Not able to do anything but sleep, eat and get nagged by Suki and Katara. "I’m fine." She wasn’t going to let him go, but he had nothing to lose. Might as well try.

"I’m better. Watch, if we spar I’ll win. I feel better than ever." bluffed Sokka. She wouldn’t make him fight her after being sick. "Come on. Let me atleast go train a bit. It’s not like I’m gunna die right there." One more argument, "And If I look sick or too slow or something. You can take me home." Way to lie Sokka. 

"So come on. Let’s go." As he grabbed his gear.